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Gibbs Responds to Recent Flooding

With the recent flooding in Louisiana,  Gibbs will be working to help those areas recover.  We recently delivered supplies to one of the hardest hit areas,  Walker, LA  and plan to return on Friday to serve food to some of the residents that were impacted by the flood waters.  Should you have any questions or […]

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Happy 40th Birthday Mercedes-Benz Superdome!

Happy 40th birthday to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome!  Gibbs Construction is proud to be a part of the Superdome’s history, having completed several projects at the iconic structure, including the construction of the Grand Staircase linking it to Champions Square, and the complete re-skinning of the building with those beautiful bronze panels.  As Gibbs Construction approaches […]

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Little Zion Baptist Church Progress

Little Zion Baptist Church officially has steel framing! Gibbs Construction has wrapped up steel with fabricators and erectors last week. The area’s highly anticipated brick veneer church will hold up to 600 people in its 14,590 square feet. Proudly visible along Earhart Boulevard in New Orleans, this project is scheduled to be completed by March of […]

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Congratulations Gibbs’ COSS Recipients!

Gibbs Construction is proud to announce that 10 members of Team Gibbs received the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS®) designation this week.  The main objective of COSS® is to equip employees who have safety and health responsibilities with the core competencies they must master to be successful in occupational safety and health. Unlike other safety […]

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Congratulations Melissa Gibbs!

We are happy to announce that our very own Melissa Gibbs has been chosen to be recognized by the 16th annual City Business Women of the Year Award.  Started in 1999, Women of the Year recognizes 50 women from the area whose success in business and contributions to the community stand out in the region.  […]

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