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Gibbs Responds to Recent Flooding

With the recent flooding in Louisiana,  Gibbs will be working to help those areas recover.  We recently delivered supplies to one of the hardest hit areas,  Walker, LA  and plan to return on Friday to serve food to some of the residents that were impacted by the flood waters.  Should you have any questions or […]

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Happy 40th Birthday Mercedes-Benz Superdome!

Happy 40th birthday to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome!  Gibbs Construction is proud to be a part of the Superdome’s history, having completed several projects at the iconic structure, including the construction of the Grand Staircase linking it to Champions Square, and the complete re-skinning of the building with those beautiful bronze panels.  As Gibbs Construction approaches […]

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Little Zion Baptist Church Progress

Little Zion Baptist Church officially has steel framing! Gibbs Construction has wrapped up steel with fabricators and erectors last week. The area’s highly anticipated brick veneer church will hold up to 600 people in its 14,590 square feet. Proudly visible along Earhart Boulevard in New Orleans, this project is scheduled to be completed by March of […]

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Congratulations Gibbs’ COSS Recipients!

Gibbs Construction is proud to announce that 10 members of Team Gibbs received the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS®) designation this week.  The main objective of COSS® is to equip employees who have safety and health responsibilities with the core competencies they must master to be successful in occupational safety and health. Unlike other safety […]

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Congratulations Melissa Gibbs!

We are happy to announce that our very own Melissa Gibbs has been chosen to be recognized by the 16th annual City Business Women of the Year Award.  Started in 1999, Women of the Year recognizes 50 women from the area whose success in business and contributions to the community stand out in the region.  […]

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Safety Program

Gibbs Construction implements a comprehensive safety program on all projects to prevent accidents and promote safety awareness throughout out the project. All Gibbs employees and subcontractors are given safety briefs before they are allowed on the project. The safety department reviews all safety rules that would apply to the project and reviews Gibbs disciplinary policy for all to understand. Gibbs also conducts regular safety meetings with all employees and subcontractors. Topics range from personal protective equipment to fall protection requirements.


All safety meetings are documented and all attendees are required to sign in. We include the use of daily pre-work activity (JHA’s) meetings with our personnel and subcontractor to review work activity and the specific hazards associated with each trades daily activities. Each project conducts documented weekly safety meetings discussing a specific safety topic and general safety awareness on the project. Our superintendents conduct daily documented safety inspections to ensure safe working practices and compliance. Gibbs safety department conducts weekly safety inspection with site management and subcontractors participation.


Gibbs conduct quarterly company safety meetings where exceptional safety performance is recognized and rewarded, and safety-focused presentations are made. Gibbs Construction also provides an aggressive program of ongoing and recurring safety training for our personnel. In addition, Gibbs Construction has extensive experience with customizing safety programs for job sites requiring high security clearances and extra levels of safety protocols, such as sites relating to sensitive materials or locations. Recent projects we have worked on requiring these extra levels have included U.S. Custom House, New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport, and Murphy Oil Laboratory.

Safety Department

Our Safety and Risk Management department includes three (3) full-time employees focused on corporate, project and individual employee safety.

Safety Director – Ron Landry
Safety Coordinator – Jeff Scott
Safety & Insurance Administrator – Tabitha Guidry

Safety Training

Gibbs Construction conducts the following ongoing specific safety training for management and employees in house:

OSHA 10 Training / OSHA 30 Training
First Aid/CPR Training
Defensive Driving Training
Qualified Rigger Training
Qualified Signalperson Training
Equipment Operator Training
Hazard Communication/SDS Training
Heat-Related Injury Training
Fall Protection Training
Excavation Training

The OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training classes give our field supervision, staff and management team additional field knowledge in order to recognize safety concerns and take immediate corrective action.

Additional Training

All Gibbs Construction project managers and superintendents have successfully completed the US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management Training.

Drug and Alcohol Program

Gibbs Construction’s corporate drug & alcohol policy is one of zero tolerance.

Gibbs Construction’s stance is that the unauthorized use of drugs, alcohol or any substances having an effect that impairs the employees’ health and performance, creates unsafe working conditions, thereby posing dangers to the employee, to fellow workers, to the public, and to the environment.  Gibbs is committed to maintaining a productive, safe, and healthy work environment free of unauthorized drugs and unauthorized alcohol. Gibbs Construction conducts drug and alcohol testing for the following:

Pre-Employment Testing

Reasonable Cause Testing

Post-Accident/Injury Testing

Periodic Testing

Random testing

Testing after Rehabilitation

Gibbs Construction actively tracks safety data on every project or a monthly basis and has developed project safety scorecards.  These monthly scorecards are reviewed and reported at our Monthly Project Review meetings and reported companywide to demonstrate each team’s performance and as a peer review.

Gibbs Construction investigates all accidents, incidents and near misses and distributes the information as “Lessons Learned” for the benefit of all our project teams / subcontractors and individuals to learn from each other’s experiences.

Gibbs Construction conducts outside third party inspectors with our risk management consultant, Creative Risk Solutions to provide additional third party review of our safety program and procedure.  Gibbs Construction also participates in the Southern Construction Group’s Safety & Risk Management Peer review meetings where we are benchmarked against our peers and provided valuable third party and peer feedback to strengthen and develop our safety culture and work practices.